How we work

The scope and type of services we provide is agreed with clients as part of the initial briefing for a project. In most cases we provide the full range of architectural services from concept design through to project completion, whereas in other cases a more limited service is more appropriate.

Our design approach is evolved in discussion with the client, incorporating their vision for the project and the opportunities offered by the context.

With our background in commercial residential and mixed-use architecture, we are well aware that one of our main tasks is to make best use of available space and add value for the client. This means making a thorough option appraisal at an early stage.

Our initial investigations involve diagrams exploring issues such as constraints and opportunities, views available, access limitations, massing in relation to context, and land use. This process is worked through before architectural proposals begin to emerge, which helps ensure that they are based on firm principles.

We undertake an option appraisal developed from the brief to ensure that the design makes best use of the site and space available, using our design skills to provide creative problem solving - which adds value and can reduce costs. Also provided at this stage is advice on the legislation that needs to be addressed and how best to organise the project in terms of process.

Coupled with our design approach is an important ability to skilfully navigate a project through the increasingly complex regulatory processes of planning and building control.

A detailed technical package of drawings and specification documents is essential in addressing legislation, as well as providing contractors with clear instructions on what to price and construct. This also helps ensure that clients get exactly what has been selected.

DDWH Architects carry out a careful analysis of contractors pricing to ensure that the most suitable contractor is selected to undertake construction. Drawing from previous experience, we can put together a team of consultants, contractors and suppliers to suit the type and scale of development, and successfully deliver the completed project.

We can organise appointment of Structural Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Building Control Assessors, Party Wall Surveyors, Quantity Surveyors, SAP/BREAMM calculations, Airtightness Testing and Sound Testing as well as other specialists, to suit the needs of the project.

During construction, we can provide the client with Project Management services to maintain quality and ensure the correct specification is followed. This also assists with minimising delays through use of our problem-solving skills to address any unforeseen difficulties.

For each project our services are recorded in the standard RIBA Appointment: "Standard Agreement for the Appointment of an Architect". We guide clients through the appointment documents to explain and agree our scope of work.

As a RIBA Chartered Practice, we have in place management policies, which provide a rigorous framework to support the quality of design and service we provide.